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For questions about your order:
Ph: 800-897-0089 | Email: info@mediaed.org

For media inquiries and interviews:
SUT JHALLY, Executive Producer
Ph: 413-584-8500 x2205 | Email: greatwhitehoax@mediaed.org

For information about marketing, distribution, and screenings in the U.S.:
ALEXANDRA PETERSON, Marketing Coordinator
Ph. 413-584-8500 x2205 | Email: alex@mediaed.org

For information about television and theatrical distribution outside the U.S.:
GEORGE MATTA, Mundovision Productions & Distribution Inc.
4148A Ste-Catherine West, Westmount, QC H3Z OA2 CANADA
Ph: 514-985-2004 | Fax: 514-985-2005 | Email: george@mundovision.ca

For information about setting up a screening of the film:
Please refer to our Host a Screening page.

For all other questions:
Please email us at greatwhitehoax@mediaed.org